Featured Customer

Ashley K.

Always love Jjs. Have never had anything that was not good. My hugest shout outs to them for allowing my son to have his 12th birthday party there ! They were so helpful and gracious ! I highly recommend the pizza rolls!

Ashley K.

Happy Customers

Had their pizza for the first time recently. Fantastic! Many more trips to come.

Matt F.

I was pleased with my delivery order and time taken to receive. My food was hot. The prices are fair too. Considering I had no source to a hot meal, while on break at a local truck stop.

Wilson J.

Great place to eat friendly people n tasty food

Aaron R.

Can't ask for better subs!!!!!!!

Randy T.

Love their food! Not just the pizza. Great prices, great service, great food, all around great. They need a location on 54 or frederica. Would make a killing. I'm sure they do well already but with 2 local location's.. They would sky rocket.

Connor R.

Pizza was great and the deluxe stromboli was delicious! Very impressed with the two friendly and efficient young employees. Terrific place to eat!

Theresa C.

Great food good prices and friendly people you can't go wrong! Gotta try their blazing breadsticks

Chuck B.

Absolutely loved it, I highly recommend everyone to go here

Anna K.

Love JJ's! The food is fabulous!

Holly S.